Why Empowered Wellness Works

  • Stops the spiral early and puts you back in charge.

    Research shows that if you're overweight when you're young, you'll probably be heavier as an adult -- and even more discouraged by yo-yo dieting and extreme exercise. 

    The good news: effective life skills, healthy daily habits and other tools can reverse the spiral and put you back in charge of your weight, health and happiness.

behind the science

Here's a quick explanation of how the spiral affects kids, teenagers, and adults of all ages.

  • Based on the science of weight management, not fads or gimmicks.

    In the past, people believed that weight was all about self-discipline and motivation.

    Today, scientists know that it's the result of a complex mix of biological, environmental and emotional factors.

Executive Director Eliza Kingsford gives a quick introduction to the "brain/weight equation" that's revolutionizing the way health professionals approach weight management.

  • Retrains the brain to better handle complex factors that affect weight.

    Practical evidence-based cognitive-behavioral strategies teach your brain better ways to handle the complex effects of biochemical reactions, evolutionary behaviors and external factors like food marketing on the thoughts, feelings and actions that influence your weight.

see science in action

See how we structure the camp experience to help you train your brain to better handle biological, emotional  and external factors, thereby signaling the body that it can release the extra weight.

  • Helps turns new life skills & habits into natural responses.

    Studies have shown that practicing new life skills and daily health habits in a structured environment boosts your ability to apply these skills successfully now and after you're back home. 

    Every day at camp provides a judgment-free supportive environment specifically structured to help you learn and practice new strategies and habits.

see science in action

Check out a typical day at the Empowered Wellness camps. It's designed for maximum fun and friendship while providing lots of opportunities to practice new life skills and healthy daily habits.