Choose The Best Weight Loss Camp For Your Teen or Young Adult

"Camp plants the seeds of success. It's the next twelve months that make them bloom."

--Eliza Kingsford, leading health & weight psychologist and co-founder of Empowered Wellness

Cognitive-behavioral life skills that defeat barriers to success

Realistic nutrition & fitness strategies that last past camp

Structured transformation of new skills into instinctive habits

Twelve months of in-depth wraparound professional support

Unforgettable summer camp fun, friends & memories

What does your child need most?


Sustainable Weight Loss

Approach: lasting weight loss via cognitive-behavioral life skills blended with realistic food and fitness strategies

When weight is making your child unhappy or withdrawn or causing health risks

When other approaches -- diets, exercise programs, bargaining, etc. -- haven't worked or caused negative feelings or unhealthy behaviors

When prior weight loss was quickly regained

Best for kids who blossom with individual attention and personalized strategies


Temporary Weight Loss

Approach: short-term weight loss through continuous physical activity + significant calorie restriction

When weight is only slightly above the recommended range and after-camp weight regain is not a concern

When your primary concern is keeping your child active during summer vacation

Best for kids who thrive in big crowds

Best for kids who don't need focused individual attention


Some of the reasons that teens and young adults choose Empowered Wellness weight loss camps

  • They want to reach and stay at their best weight -- the weight where they're happiest and healthiest

  • They want to replace dysfunctional food & weight-related behaviors like bingeing, food addiction, and emotional eating with healthier choices

  • They want to partially or fully reverse or better manage diabetes, pre-diabetes, high blood pressure or high cholesterol

  • Their weight is linked to depression, unhappiness, anxiety, social withdrawal, criticism or bullying

Founded by Eliza Kingsford, Wellspring's clinical director, our camp is specifically structured for overweight or obese children, teens and young adults aged 12-26 who have already tried ideas like "eat less, move more," no seconds, snacks or sweets, less screentime, exercise programs,  bargaining, reminding, pleading, rewards, and short-term weight loss programs including other camps.

Parent's Guide To Choosing the Best Weight Loss Camp

Compare: Best Fit for Your Camper's Needs

Empowered Wellness

Best for campers struggling to reach their best weight, where they're happiest and healthiest, and break the cycle of weight gain and regain.

Other Weight Loss Camps

Best for kids without persistent serious food, weight or health concerns, who can benefit from a physically active summer.

Compare: Staff Credentials & Experience

Empowered Wellness

Full-time year-round staff of licensed therapists, health professionals and child development specialists, beginning with your first phone call to Admissions. Professional health behavior coaches have masters degrees or higher. Student counselors have prior experience with weight and food issues and/or related majors.

Other Weight Loss Camps

Health professionals shown on websites may be consultants or contractors, not actively involved in ongoing program design and improvement based on new research or present during camps. Program may rely primarily on college students to interact with campers.

Compare: Program Structure & Design

Empowered Wellness

Comprehensive and sustainable weight loss that blends cognitive-behavioral life skills to overcome success barriers. Realistic meal and exercise strategies designed to work during and after camp. One-week camp includes unique online parent co-learning module, and longer camps include 12 months of extensive personal At-Home support, details below.

Other Weight Loss Camps

Emphasis on large amounts of daily exercise and significant calorie restriction, often resulting in rapid weight regain after camp. Little or no cognitive-behavioral foundation to overcome root causes of weight gain and regain. Little after-camp support. 

Compare: After-Camp Support

Empowered Wellness

For our 2-week and longer campers, in-depth individualized written At-Home Plan that your camper helps develop. Full year of direct phone/email access to licensed professionals. Care coordination with parents, teachers, counselors, health providers. Separate online facilitated camper and parent support groups.

Other Weight Loss Camps

Little after-camp support may be offered. If available, usually outsourced to other providers at extra expense to the camper's family.

Compare: Extra-Cost Items

Empowered Wellness

Nothing's extra-- except souvenirs! Everything's included in tuition: the program itself, lodging, meals and all activities. These vary by camp length and include things like theme parks and other field trips, plus a full year of after-camp support for 2-week or longer camps. Our one-week camp tuition also includes an online learning module for parents, and our longer camps include a Three-Day Mini-Camp for the entire family, including meals and activities!

Other Weight Loss Camps

Additional fees often required for many day trips and featured activities. Extra charges often apply for any cognitive-behavioral classes or after-camp support. Family inclusion limited to traditional summer camp "parent visit" day.

The Camp Experience

Empowered Wellness

The transformative experience that every parent wants for their child. Gorgeous private campus, new friends, staff that truly care, and fabulous activities that live up to our website and brochure. We believe every camper deserves great summer stories to tell when school starts, just like their friends!

Other Weight Loss Camps

Check out Yelp and other parent reviews. What's the staff/camper ratio? Are counselor rooms near the campers? Is "movie night" just an old television? Is the outdoor recreation area a dry patch of grass? Is the food delicious? What if campers are still hungry? How do they prepare campers to succeed AFTER camp?