What Parents Say


Feedback from campers' parents.

Anonymous responses to our after-camp survey of parents. We requested feedback on enrollment, registration, the camp experience and what happened after camp ended.

From the outset, the team were there for us. Nothing was ever a problem. The distance from England was not an issue. We would recommend that anyone considering sending there treasured children or indeed intending to book themselves - Do it. You will not look back. The team are there for everyone from the first point of contact to the weight falling off and then still available once home.

One thing that's better here is choice - advise - information - 24/7 activities and great information and transparent tuition.

All my questions were answered timely and we were a last minute add on! I thought the checklist was very helpful and it kept me on track of what I needed to get completed for my daughter.

Jess [Empowered Wellness Admissions Director]! Always available and happy to answer questions with good, helpful answers.

Straightforward and transparent.

We were naturally worried about sending our son from England but his desire to lose weight, get fit, be educated and tutored in the process but we need not have been. The initial contact and warm welcome confirmed that he was in safe hands. What's more, our son was delighted with his response from the first point of contact.

We felt that our son was in good hands from the outset. Great correspondence, great passage of information and a genuine passion for all the wellbeing of all the children/ young adults.

After speaking with staff I knew she was in a good place. The area of the camp was in a great location and the website looked professional and organized.

The experience and expertise of the core staff gave me a good feel for the camp experience awaiting my daughter.

I felt confident he would be well looked after.

Remind parents weekly to release their own guilt of “sending their child away” for the summer and reinforce that this is the best life changing decision for all.

The transition home was perfect in our opinion. We know that any help and advise is only a call or keypad away.

I think you have the transition home covered! Cookbook was very useful for example.

Great variety of activities.

Post camp communication here is better than the other summer camp my child went to.

You never gave up on my daughter!

Since returning from camp, he is super motivated, super confident, super knowledgeable and he has lost so much weight. He has kept up the knowledge and training and attends the gym everyday. The weight has stayed off and he is still losing weight. Could not be prouder of him.

She came home from camp with unbelievably positive attitude of control over herself. Making better social decisions, holding a job, dating, being more respectful toward her parents.

[My daughter] has reverted back to a lot of her old lifestyle choices. But she learned a lot at camp and I believe when she's ready she will emulate that lifestyle.

More positive attitude towards schoolwork, exercise and food.

Our son loves every second he has been privileged to be part of your journey to date. He cannot wait until next camp. He is rounding up new campers and fully integrating with all his friends from camp.