What Campers Say

In our experience, these are the kinds of comments you’re likely to hear from the teenagers and young adults at our camps.

I was so excited!

“I finished my timed mile faster than ever by the end of camp.”

My roommates were awesome.

“Everybody was so nice and my roommates were awesome.”

I really like to cook!

“I found out I really like to cook! I already told my mom I want to make dinner when I get back home.”

I was happy they don't weigh you every day.

“I was happy when I found out they don’t weigh you every day but then I was worried I wouldn’t lose weight. But I actually did and I wasn’t even paying attention to it. I think the biggest thing I have learned is that if you mostly do the right things each day, what you weigh kind of takes care of itself. I can see how that could take a lot of pressure off.”

This happened at the right time for me.

“This camp happened at just the right time for me. I’m starting college this fall and I want things to be different.”

This was so different from what I expected.

“I thought it would be like Biggest Loser but it wasn't. It was more how to handle things and be in charge of your own decisions or feelings.”

This was pretty cool.

"I would like to come back and be a counselor in a couple years.”

I made my own shopping list.

“Everything I did was fun! I made my own shopping list with my specific choices that I like.”

I saw the ocean!

 “I saw the ocean for the first time! Now I want to take swimming lessons back home and come back next summer and swim in it!”

I made friends.

“I made two really good friends which made me happy because it’s been hard to get to know people at my new school.”

Here, everyone gets to do everything.

“I worry at school if anyone will pick me. Here, everyone gets to do everything and I didn’t have to worry. I was just able to have fun doing what I was doing. The food was really good, I liked almost everything. I never had roasted vegetables before, they were AMAZING.”