Being overweight is like a jigsaw puzzle and has many causes

Weight Loss Isn’t About Motivation

What you weigh is the result of many factors, including emotional and environmental influences as well as food or exercise. This is why “eat less, move more” advice often doesn’t result in lasting weight loss, no matter how hard you try. It’s also why no one should feel guilty or ashamed about their weight.

If you don’t feel that you’re at your healthiest, happiest weight, it’s perfectly reasonable to want to do something about it without calling yourself a failure. Other people sometimes think that kids and adults who are struggling with weight are unmotivated or lazy or lack discipline.

Anyone who’s tried repeatedly to lose weight knows that isn’t actually true. You can be highly motivated to lose weight – and yet the pounds are stubborn if your body and mind aren’t aligned. (Here’s more about the brain/weight equation.)

In reality, people at every age struggling with weight are more often feeling a sense of chronic failure and disappointment. Many of these kids and adults have been on the receiving end of judgement, criticism and bullying.