Valentines day young adult teen camp

Valentine’s Day: Tips for a happy and healthy day

Historically, Valentine’s Day was an opportunity to send a homemade, hand written letters to loved ones. With the rise of commercialism, it has become a holiday about spending money on gifts, roses, expensive dinners and elaborate treats. Holidays are often focused around traditional foods and treats. At Empowered Wellness camps, we teach our young adults and teens to focus differently on holidays.  We encourage them to make holidays less about food and more about relationships.

Here are a few tips to help make your Valentine’s Day happy and healthy:


1. Focus on Relationships.

Use this “love” holiday to express your love.  Do and say the feelings you have for your loved ones.  Spend time writing them a nice note or doing something nice for them.


2. Focus on an experience.

Use the day to do something different and fun with your loved ones.  Go on a walk, play a game, go for a hike, sing karaoke songs, or have a dance off.

The experiences we have with our loved ones with far out last the money we spend on treats and flowers.

Our experiences this year can also become a ritual in the years to come and will help to refocus this holiday around family, friends and time together.

Healthy Food

3. Focus on healthier food options.

Food is part of any holiday, but it doesn’t need to be unhealthy to make the food we eat delicious and rememberable.  A nice sit down dinner with salmon or steak, a nice salad, and veggies can be a great meal without adding in the unnecessary unhealthy treats.  You can enjoy food that loves you back. 


4. Focus on mindfulness.

Take this day to enjoy the many things you love about your life and yourself.  Spend five minutes being mindful about what you love and who loves you back.

These tips will truly help you have a happy and healthy Valentine’s Day.