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Using Dealing Skills Over the Holidays

Written by Jessica Revord MA, LPC, NCC

Holidays are approaching quickly, which means there will be many opportunities to use dealing skills we teach at our Empowered Wellness camp.  If you’re an Empowered Wellness graduate, you’ll recognize these concepts!

If they’re new to you, look for opportunities to “test drive” these simple strategies for making choices that support your goals.


  • A simple acronym you can use to assess how you are feeling. For example, if you’re feeling the urge to eat foods you know are outside your plan, ask your self this questions:

Am I . . . .


I= Irritated ?

T= Tired ?

S= Stressed ?

  • The goal is to acknowledge what might be driving your craving and then create a behavior that supports your goals and leaves you feeling successful.  


  • This skill is used when there is a choice to be made and you are just not sure what to do; for example, what and when to eat at a holiday party? 
  • How to use it: 
    • Make a list in your head or on paper of the pros and cons to each decision you could make. What are the benefits and downfalls to each side of the decision?

Utilizing your dealing skills can be very helpful when faced with challenging situations. Stop, take a moment, think, and make decisions in your wise mind over this holiday season!

For alumni and campers, this month we will host a Holiday Webinar that will address how to use your dealing skills in tough situations during family get togethers, parties, and events. We want to make sure we are addressing your specific needs.  Tell us some scenarios that you will face over the next few months and submit your scenario for the upcoming webinar!  You can send your scenarios to Jess at jrevord@empoweredwellness.com