Your Typical Day


A typical day at Empowered Wellness: fun, interesting and rewarding.

Every day at Empowered Wellness is packed with fun activities and interesting things to learn about and experience.

We’re lucky enough to be near the Pacific Ocean, in a beautiful city with a lot going on, so we don’t spend the day cooped up indoors. You can expect theme days, special day trips, individual, small group and camp-wide activities, grocery store and restaurant excursions, and walks on the beach.

There's no such thing as a "typical" Empowered Wellness camper! Every camper is unique, and campers come from a wide variety of geographies, backgrounds and life experiences.

Our teen campers hang out with other campers in their age group, and our young adult campers hang out with other college-age campers.

Every camper’s journey is unique and worthy of respect at all times from other campers and everyone on our staff.

You can relax, confident that you’re in a place where everyone’s on your side and gets it.

This sample day gives you a feel for our typical activities and menus:

7:00 Morning Mindfulness

7:15 Activity

Stroll on the beach, jump on a trail, or just take a leisurely walk with your friends

8:15 Breakfast

Raspberries, oatmeal and scrambled eggs + your choices from the Camper's Choice food bar

9:15 Activity

Scavenger hunt, zumba class, personal training or basketball

10:45 Small group workshop

Life skills, cognitive-behavioral strategies, and more

Noon Lunch

Homemade pita pizzas, fresh roasted veggies + your choices from the Camper's Choice food bar

1:15 Activity

Nutrition classes, culinary classes, recipe makeovers, pro cooking techniques and more

2:30 Activity

Fitness classes, yoga class, beach hikes and more

5:00 Hangout Hour

Time to chill, write in your journal, or hit the showers before dinner

6:00 Dinner

Baked crispy chicken nuggets, seasoned green beans and couscous + your choices from the Camper's Choice food bar

7:00 Evening Activity

Dance party, arts and crafts, movie night, writing letters, phoning home and more

9:00 Daily Wrap Up