Two Skills You Learned at Camp and How to Use Them at Home

By: Nikki Downey, CTRS

Creating Routines

Think back to the cool mornings at camp, you’d wake up to exciting music playing in the courtyard and Ben banging on your door! You’d come out half asleep, chat with your friends and then head out on your morning walk to the beach! You did this every morning for 4 to 8 weeks! This is a simple routine that you can continue at home.

Now, as much as Ben would like to obnoxiously bang on your door every morning, that just isn’t possible, but your morning walk is something you can incorporate into your routine. It doesn’t even have to be in the morning, maybe it’s every evening after dinner, or right before bed.

Setting SMART goals each day is another routine activity we did at camp and one you can take home. You can even get your family involved! Every morning set a SMART goal for yourself, “I will eat one of the snacks I packed instead of buying items from the snack machine”, or “I will park my car further away from the door than I usually do.” Maybe each member of your family posts their SMART goal on the fridge each day, so you can all hold each other accountable you if you didn’t reach your goal.


Write it all down friends! Continue your healthy journey by monitoring everything you put into your body.


On days you’re feeling more lethargic or more energized, look in that little book and see what you have been eating. Which foods are making you feel good and which aren’t? Learning what does and doesn’t work will help you begin to self-regulate. And writing it all down helps you determine if your behaviors and choices are helping you achieve your goals or taking you further away from them. Then, you can either modify or set new goals as appropriate.