Treat Yo-Self! Rest!

Rest Days are Important

Sometimes, in pursuit of our healthy lifestyles, our focus can narrow excessively on exercise intensity and quantity. We ask ourselves repeatedly, “What more can I do?”.  While being super active is great for our body and mind, at a certain point, more becomes too much, and that becomes detrimental to our health goals.

Taking time to recover is an incredibly important part of leading any active lifestyle.

The body needs appropriate time to rest and rebuild itself in between bouts of exercise. If we don’t allow ourselves adequate time to recover, and we overdo it, the body suffers, big time. And we feel like crap because of it! (See article). 

 The reminder here is to remember to take care of, listen to and love your body, not just work the heck out of it.

At camp, we do Self-Care Hour. In the midst of incredibly active days, this was our chance to listen to our bodies calling for some chill time.

Whether that meant hanging out in the sunshine, or taking it easy in the shade, we’d stretch, foam roll, meditate, listen to music, read and relax.

When our bodies call for rest, we should nurture them appropriately. 

 Listen to Your Bodies

Get into the habit of listening for and recognizing that call at home.  Check in a few times a day with the question “How does my body feel right now?”  You might feel light and energized.  Sometimes, tired and sore.  Other times, really exhausted and beat up.

When you feel like you need it, especially if you are feeling overworked or hurt, show your body, and mind, some love!

Rest! Treat yo-self! 

How to Rest

 Treating yo-self using your wise-mind is key. A giant ice-cream sundae isn’t actually going to make you feel anything other than more sluggish.

But a massage might feel fantastic!

Maybe some time hanging out in the sunshine, listening to music, or taking a hot bath.

Stretching and foam rolling can also be brilliant gifts to your body.

If you notice that your right leg is super tight or sore, for example, take five minutes to stretch it out a bit or hop on a foam roller before bed. It will help you relax, relieve some stress and sleep better.

Take some time to explore and figure out whatever feels best to you! 

 Ultimately, in the process of learning to better love our bodies, we must acknowledge that more is not always better, and often times we really just need to give ourselves a break.  Know that it is OKAY, in fact, awesome and really important, to give yourself those breaks!

So next time you hear your body calling for some rest, consider taking some time to treat yo-self to some good ole’-fashioned self-care 🙂 

 This Article:  6 Reasons Why Rest Days Are ImportantArticle: 6 Reasons Why Rest Days Are Important  from Fitbit will explain, in more detail, the importance of resting appropriately, versus over-training..   

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