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Treat Yo Self:  Love Your Body

Last month, I talked about listening to your body and treating it when it needs to rest.

Doing this effectively depends on how good your listening skills are, so this month, I’d like to offer you a tool you can use to continue building that mind-body connection, the key to loving your body.

We use this tool at Empowered Wellness with our young adults and teens to help promote an awareness of their bodies’ needs.

This will help you become more in tune with what your body is asking for in order to offer it some love in a timely manner!

It feels freaking good when you treat your body like the temple it is. So, give this a try, and listen a little more closely to what your body needs… 

They See Me Scannin’, They Hatin’

Sometimes we hear a quiet voice and sometimes we hear one that is loud and clear!

One simple way you can cultivate the sensitivity of your body awareness is by implementing body scans into our daily life. 

As part of the meditation practices we teach at Empowered Wellness camps, try adding the body scan into your practice. If you don’t meditate, it’s no big deal, you can body scan without meditating.

It can be done anytime, anywhere during your day. You can be sneaky about it if you are out and about too. Just close your eyes and go for it!  

Here’s how you do it:

  • Imagine a bright spotlight shining on part of your body. Pick a color, any color for that light!
  • Start at your feet and work your way up or start at the top of your head.
  • Move the spotlight slowly and smoothly along your body and your attention will follow naturally.
  • Feel the sensations. Temperature is one standout characteristic. Cold toes maybe?!
  • Notice what you feel when the spotlight moves. Can you feel each of your toes individually?
  • Move the spotlight where ever feels most natural to you. 

Try taking it slow and bringing a sense of curiosity and intention into the process!

The more genuinely interested in feeling those sensations you are, the more enjoyable and relaxing it will be. And see if you can notice some of the finer details of your body, the ones that maybe get overlooked.

The face is always an interesting place to investigate. We carry a lot of tension there, and just by bringing awareness to that tension; it can start to fade away. Can you feel your cheek bones? Your eye brows? The area just above your upper lip? Give it a shot! 

Alternatively, you can scan in bigger chunks. It doesn’t have to be so precise. Maybe start with your lower body. Stay there for a while and just feel what it feels like. Then move to your upper body. Then your neck and head. Figure out what works for you!  

 Yo! Find A Time

As far as timing goes, pick a time that works well for you and try and incorporate it into your routine consistently, to get the most benefits.

A few good times:

  • Try one in bed when you wake up and one right before you go to sleep. These are great times to get an idea of where you are at, what you are feeling and how best to proceed during the upcoming day.
  • Before breakfast, during and after meals are other good check in times. It can help you get an idea of your hunger, fullness and levels of satiety.
  • When you get home from school might be nice too. If you are tense from the school day, it might help you relax into your afternoon and prepare for what you want to do next.
  • As a check-in before a workout or a walk, it can help guide and prepare you for said activity. Afterwards, it can draw your attention to how awesome it feels to be active and/or what you might need to stretch,  or focus on during your cool down. Getting in touch with that feeling will help drive you back there next time you are considering bailing on your workout! 

Since we are loving our bodies this February, download the February Movement Calendar and join us as we find movement we LOVE.

Alright, now get listening!