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The Pedometer Challenge, Part 3: Set Goals, Plan, and Track

Welcome back to the 3rd part of our 3-part series. If you’ve been following along, you have your pedometer and your step baseline (go back and read them if you haven’t).

Now let’s talk about setting a SMART goal for your next 3 weeks.

Set SMART Goals

There’s a very specific formula our teen and college-aged Empowered Wellness campers use to set effective goals. Start with this formula to set your own goals:

  • Specific – Be very detailed about your goal: “I’m going to walk 8,000 steps everyday.”
  • Measurable – Put a number in there. “I’m going to walk 8,000 steps everyday” is measurable. You either did it or not.
  • Attainable – Challenge yourself, but stay within reach of what you can accomplish.
  • Realistic – Is it realistic that you’ll walk 8,000 steps everyday? Maybe, maybe not. There might be some days you can and some days you can’t. You can adjust your goals for the days that are more difficult to get in your steps. Maybe you adjust your goal to “I’m going to walk 8,000 steps three days a week and 10,000 steps two days a week.” That gives you flexibility in your goals.
  • Timely – Set a limit on your goal. Start with the next 3 weeks. As your fitness level increases you will need to look at new goals for yourself. It’s the incremental goals that make moving more happen, and that’s what makes it timely.

Plan and Track

After you set your SMART goals, plan and track them.

First, plan how you will accomplish your goals.

Complete this worksheet, Pedometer goals, to help you. Put it somewhere you can see every day.

Fail to plan, plan to fail.

Planning is arguably the most important skill for long-term success.

Plan how you are going to accomplish your goal. If you need to increase your steps every day, are you going to get yourself up 30 minutes early and take a walk? Are you going to walk in the afternoon or on your lunch break?

Second, track how you’re doing.

Use your pedometer log and track your progress. Tracking how many steps you take reaffirms your goals. It allows you to measure how you are doing and how you can adjust the next day to keep meeting your goals.

If you don’t meet your goals, don’t beat yourself up. Forgive yourself, reaffirm your goal, and plan for the next day.

We are so proud of you!

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