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The Pedometer Challenge, Part 2: Find your Baseline

Welcome back to Part 2 of our 3-part series on pedometers. Our teens and college students at Empowered Wellness use pedometers to measure their steps and to record their overall fitness progress in our camp. This week we will start using our pedometers and finding our baselines. 

If you haven’t bought your pedometer, it’s not too late! Check out these tips on how to choose the right pedometer.

Now that you’ve got that pedometer charged and strapped to your wrist or waist, we’re going to establish our baseline.  The baseline will be the point where you start counting steps. It allows you to create a goal that helps get you where you want to be. 

Your challenge this week is simple: just record your steps.  You don’t need to do anything different than your normal routine.

We’ll talk in next week’s Part 3 about ways to increase your steps and build in natural daily fitness routines that are manageable and fun.

Write it down.

While most pedometers have an app already synced to your pedometer that you can use that to determine how many steps you take, we encourage you to actually write your steps down. 

We’ve created a pedometer log for you to record and you can use that to record your progress over the next several weeks of our challenge.

As the week progresses, you might feel discouraged about your total steps.  Don’t be discouraged.  This is a time to remember your mental chatter to yourself and to give yourself encouragement. 

You decided to get that pedometer and to take up the challenge.  Good for you! Remind yourself of the decision you made to a healthier and happier version of yourself.

At Empowered Wellness, setting goals and being mindful of those goals throughout our day is part of our everyday skills we teach our campers. 

Put your pedometer log somewhere visible in your home or office to remind you to record your steps. 

We’ll talk more about next week about goal setting, how to increase your steps (without hard exercise) and how to set yourself up for success when setting a goal. 

So, download the log and start recording.  See you next week and don’t forget to engage with us on Facebook and to post pics of your pedometer.