The Holiday Survival Guide

The holiday season is in fully bloom.  You’ve made it through Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and now you’re on to the next joys and challenges of December.

We have created a complete guide for this season with a Holiday Menu Planner, Holiday Recipes, Back Pocket Dealing Skills, and Using Dealing Skills During the Holidays

We also have a 12 Days of Movement Calendar for you to reach your movement goals.

One of the biggest challenges of the holiday season is the added time commitments from additional social visits, shopping trips, and travelings expeditions.  While these are all the joys of the holidays, the time we need to take care of ourselves can be taken up with all the extras.

So here are a few tips:

  • Move: download the 12 Days of Movement Calendar and plan out how you are going to get in your movement.  Do the movement that makes you feel refreshed, challenged, and energized.
  • Plan: use the Holiday Menu Planner and Holiday Recipes and try to focus on more nutrient-dense foods.
  • Remember:  use your Dealing Skills!

We hope you have a wonderful and healthy holiday season!