teenagers hiking

Take a Hike into Fall!

With leaving behind the hot, muggy temperatures of summer and heading into the cooler, refreshing temperatures of fall, it’s a great time to take a hike.  The beautiful colors of orange, browns, and reds are a sight to see and enjoy by yourself or with your family.  Here are a few tips to help you prepare for your fall hike:

  1. Choose the right hike.  Taking a hike that is too crowded, badly marked, or too strenuous can really put a damper in the experience.  To find a good, appropriate hike use an App or website to research first.  Our favorite App and website is All Trails.  
  2. Pack the right snacks and amount of water.  Choose great snacks.  It makes the experience so much more fun to have something fun to eat when you reach your destination.  Apples and almond butter, a good protein bar, a trail mix you create yourself using a variety of nuts and dried fruit, a tasty turkey wrap, or a fresh salad are all great healthy options.  Water is also very important.  Always take more than you think you need.
  3. Challenge yourself.  During the hike take a few short bursts of exercise.  Stroll lightly for a few minutes, walk at a medium pace for 2 minutes and then increase to a high pace for 1 minute and then repeat.
  4. Be mindful.  After physically challenging yourself, take five minutes to reflect on what you are thankful for and steady yourself with long breaths as you soak in the beautiful scenery around you.

Enjoy your hike and remember to share with us your pictures on Facebook.