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The Empowered Wellness Program

The Foundation of Empowered Wellness



Campers develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to make smart decisions that help them reach and stay at their healthiest, happiest weight long after camp is over.



Supportive, clinically-experienced behavioral coaches work one-on-one and with small groups of campers to teach life skills and daily habits and address individual success barriers.



Our system of levels rewards campers for consistently practicing new life skills and healthy habits in workshops, mini-classes, dining experiences and activities.



Campers depart with personalized At-Home plans, personalized cookbooks -- and 12 months of phone & email access to our counselors, nutritionists & child development experts if new challenges arise.

Camp Program Highlights

  • Structured, science-based program

    Based on latest weight management and weight loss, nutrition, food addiction and  cognitive-behavioral psychology research.

  • 12 months of FREE expert support after camp ends

    Call or email our therapists, registered dietitians, nutritionists, clinicians and child development experts with questions or new challenges at no additional charge!

  • One-on-one coaching

    Your experienced cognitive-behavioral coach helps you overcome individual barriers to success and develop your At-Home Plan

  • Life skills workshops

    Interactive group classes on life skills that get you past the barriers that can derail healthy choices and weight loss, plus a body image resilience mini-course co-developed with University of Oregon researchers

  • Tropicana Café & Camper's Choice Food Bar

    Three great meals and two tasty snacks  professionally created every day from quality ingredients like market-fresh produce

  • Hands-on culinary workshops

    Broil, grill, sauté, season and sauce like a pro -- with your own take-home one-of-a-kind cookbook

  • Nutrition "news you can use" classes

    The most up-to-date nutrition know-how available, with practical strategies for making smart food decisions in challenging situations.

  • Individual and team activities

    Beach hikes, trail walks, basketball, volleyball, capture the flag, yoga, personal training, fitness coaching and much more!

  • Amazing location & amenities

    Secure, gorgeous landscaped beachside campus with heated pool and more!

  • Can't-miss day trips to amusement parks & more!

    And it's all included except for optional souvenir purchases!

  • Real-world grocery & restaurant practice

    Field trips to restaurants and grocery stores let campers practice new life skills in real-world settings

  • Nicely-decorated suites

    Each with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, living area, big-screen TV, WiFi. Single-occupancy rooms available.