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Eliza Kingsford, MA, LPC, NCC, founder and clinical director of Empowered Wellness, author of Brain-Powered Weight Loss and former executive director of Wellspring is available to the media as an expert resource to provide objective insights, commentary and analysis on the treatment of overweight and obesity in children, adolescents, teens, young adults and adults in both traditional settings and therapeutic recreation environments including weight loss camps.

Her science-grounded cognitive-behavioral approach stands in contrast to the simplistic "eat less,  move more" advice traditionally provided to individuals of all ages struggling with weight and related health issues.

In The News...Eliza Kingsford & Empowered Wellness

Eliza Kingsford media appearances on Dr. Phil, CNN, Dr. Oz, WebMD, Los Angeles Times discussing weight

Managing Your Kids Health with Eliza Kingsford, LPC

Eliza Kingsford, Empowered Wellness founder and expert in teen and young adult weight loss, healthy weight management, and the treatment of obesity and food addiction talks about behavior-driven approaches to end overeating and create great eating habits for life.


Finally, A Solution for Stress-Eating That's Actually Doable

Eliza Kingsford explain how food calms the brain's intricate threat response system, how this leads to problematic stress eating and weight gain among adolescents, teens and adults -- and what you can do about it.


Should You Weigh Yourself? 3 Signs to Step Off the Scale

See Eliza Kingsford's advice to this author about how teens and adults can look beyond the numbers on the scale to measure progress towards healthy weight loss goals.


7 Easy Brain Tricks to Help You Lose Weight

Empowered Wellness founder Eliza Kingsford weighs in with Parade Magazine's Nicole Pajer on tips for sustainable, healthy weight loss based on the science of cognitive behavioral therapy.


How to Beat Back Cravings When Just Seeing Sweets Makes You Lust for Them

Author of Brain Powered Weight Loss and noted food psychology expert Eliza Kingsford explains the biochemical link between food and feelings of satisfaction, why some habits are so hard to shake, and how to retrain your brain to avoid self-destructive meal choices.


'Slow But Steady' Wins the Weight Loss Race

Brain Powered Weight Loss author and teen weight loss expert Eliza Kingsford talks to HealthLine about the psychology behind weight loss and why early victories are not always a predictor of long-term success.


7 Easy Brain Tricks to Help You Lose Weight

Eliza Kingsford, author of Brain Powered Weight Loss, explains the science behind emotional eating, binge eating, and healthy, sustainable weight loss, and the 10 mistakes most people make when starting a weight loss program.


How Long Does It Take to Get in Shape?

How long does it really take to get in shape? That depends on a host of factors, including your goals and how you define and measure progress toward them, says Eliza Kingsford, expert on the psychology of overeating and author of Brain Powered Weight Loss.


Empowered Wellness Serves Teens, Young Adults

Santa Barbara's leading news site announces the opening of Empowered Wellness science-driven weight loss camps for teens and young adults, planting the seeds of lifetime change at camp and helping them blossom with 12 months of wraparound professional support.

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