March Madness Fun: Healthy Eating Behavior Brackets! 

Whether you’re an elite athlete training for a championship basketball game or a spectator in the stands, it’s important for you to eat a nutritious diet and follow a consistent exercise routine.

No matter who you are, doing these two things requires a portion of your attention, energy, and time.

Now that you’ve been out of camp for at least 6 months or champing to be happier and healthier, you may have found that some aspects of your healthy lifestyle have been easy to maintain, while other goals have been forgotten or more difficult to sustain.

In order to provide you with some fun motivation to work on integrating more healthy habits into your lifestyle, Here is a bracket of various healthy nutrition behaviors you could possibly choose to place extra focus on this month.

In filling out the bracket, note that there are no wrong answers; none of these options are actually “better” and you can even replace or modify the ones listed so that the bracket fits better with your needs and interests (especially if you’re already doing some of these behaviors and therefore don’t need to put extra work into implementing them).

You can do the bracket all in one sitting by choosing between the two options in each section, the one that seems like it would make the most impact on your current diet and then narrowing it down to one “champion” behavior that you decide to try incorporating into your lifestyle.

You can also choose to narrow down your options to 2-4 “finalist” behaviors that you’d be interested in trying and then incorporating all of them into your lifestyle.

Then, you can evaluate which ones are and aren’t working well for you and just keep the behavior or behaviors that are actually effective. You may find that something like pre-prepping meals at the beginning of the week turns out to be a behavior that you place a high priority on working on and it ends up leading to healthier food choices, or at the very least making those healthy choices easier.

Let us know which behavior made it to the championship round in your bracket- we’re curious to know! 

Cari Coulter