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Love the Movement You Do

If you search the web for best workouts, thousand of articles will come up claiming their exercise program is the best you for.  It’s hard to discern who’s right and who’s wrong.  

We believe the best exercise is the one you love and enjoy. 

With our young adults and teens, at Empowered Wellness Camps, we emphasis that movement can look a hundred different ways.  We let our campers taste test numerous physical activities, such as, participating in an organized sport, walking on the beach, lifting weights in the gym, doing a Yoga workout, dancing to a Zumba routine or wearing a pedometer and tracking their steps.

We ask them to be mindful of the movement that makes them happy and healthy. 

The same is true with you. 

You CAN find the movement that makes you happy.

We believe the most important ingredient in your workout routine is moving your body in a way that puts a smile on your face and sweat on your brow.

You know you found the movement you love when:

 It makes your body happy.

After a workout you should feel a little refreshed and a little tired.  It’s a great balance of knowing you sweated and challenged yourself, but didn’t over do the workout.  Your body feels good and healthy.

Exercise does not need to be extra hard to be beneficial. 

There are some physical activities you might enjoy, but hurt your body.  It’s important to know the different between hurt and sore. 

A good movement, leaves you tired, but not exhausted; Sore, but not hurt. 

Listening to your body and including rest days are vitally important in any movement routine.

Performing a body scan before and after workouts will help you be mindful of how your body feels and what it needs.

 It makes your mind happy.

After a workout, your mind should feel refreshed and renewed. 

If, after a walk on the beach, a spin class, or a yoga class and you feel refreshed and energized, this is a movement that is good for you. 

Yes, you might find difficulty motivating yourself sometimes, but for the most part, during and after the exercise you generally feel better.

Exercise should not be overly stressful or too taxing on the mind or body.  It should be about releasing stress, taking a break from daily life, and benefitting from the health benefits of moving your body.

Movement routines can invite in different opportunities to be social (which is also good for the mind), such as, a walk with a friend, joining a hiking group, participating in an organized sports team, or taking group classes at the gym.

However you choose to move, be proud! 

The best movement is the movement you love and enjoy!

Here is your February Movement Calendar