JanYOUary: A Month of Movement

A New Year, A Happy and Healthy YOU

This time of year, you see “A New Year, A New You” on health and beauty marketing materials.  At Empowered Wellness Camps, with our young adults and teens, we believe they don’t need a “new” them. We desire for them to be the happiest and healthiest version of themselves.

We believe this for YOU too.

This month we talk about New Year’s Resolutions that will last. One of the steps is to align your belief systems with your goals.  To begin with, YOU need to believe that YOU are good and worth the time and energy to make yourself healthier this year.  We ALL need to make changes a little bit at a time and the New Year is a good place to start.

The month of December is a time of focusing on other people and often there is less time to focus on health and movement.  So JanYOUary, can be a month to refocus on YOU.  Please join us for our JanYOUary month of movement.  Download the JanYOUary Calendar and track us on Facebook as we work together in the New Year for a happy and healthy YOU.