Is Empowered Wellness Right For You?


Why teens and young adults choose our weight loss and positive body image camps

If you or your teen or young adult has ever experienced:

  • Frustration that diet/ food restriction, exercise, nagging, weigh-ins, rewards, punishment didn't lead to weight loss
  • Friction and stress in family relationships because of body weight, body shape or food-related behaviors
  • Increased withdrawal from friends, family, school because of self-consciousness about weight or weight gain
  • Bullying or criticism related to food decisions, activity level or overweight or obesity
  • Anxiety about the early signs of diabetes, high blood pressure or other medical risk indicators

...You'll find that the Empowered Wellness camp in Santa Barbara, CA, is the perfect place to reboot your thoughts, feelings and actions related to health, weight and happiness.

What to expect

Here you'll meet teens, young adults and families just like you, working to become their best selves during a great summer filled with happy times and new, often lifelong friends, in an judgment-free environment.

You'll go home full of stories about field trips to theme parks and local attractions along Santa Barbara's Pacific Ocean coastline -- plus know-how your friends don't have about everything from fun activities to making amazing snacks happen in the kitchen.

We know every camper's name, and you'll get individual attention every day from your own behavior coach, because we strictly cap enrollment by gender and age group and maintain a 1:5 staff-to-camper ratio. That means plenty of personal focus from our entire staff.

Best of all, you're with friends who believe unconditionally that you can become the person you wish to be.

Not sure if Empowered Wellness is the right fit for your son or daughter?

Feel free to call our admissions team and share more about the situation. We’ll be happy to share our insights and experience so that you can make the decision that’s best for your child and your family.

Amazing things become possible when people share a common goal, support each other through new challenges, and celebrate everyone’s successes.