Empowered Wellness is Hiring!

Empowered Wellness is a fun, high-energy community of wellness professionals helping teenagers and young adults reach and maintain their best weight, where they’re happiest and healthiest. We empower our campers to break free from food and body struggles by giving them the knowledge, confidence and life skills to make smart decisions for a lifetime.

Our program is a unique blend of brain training, cognitive-behavioral skills, nutrition and culinary skills, and physical activity.

In addition to their specific responsibilities, every staff member models healthy eating, fitness and a positive attitude for our campers, helping restore each camper’s sense of hope and possibility through kindness, compassion, and integrity.

If you have a personal or professional interest in healthy lifestyles, weight management, positive body image, the treatment of overweight and obesity, nutrition, fitness and personal training or adolescent health, one of our weight loss camp employment positions may be right for you.

Check out a typical day at camp.

How To Apply

All positions include room and board in beautiful Santa Barbara just blocks from the beach.

Questions? Please contact us via email only.

  • Complete our online application process.
  • If selected, we will contact you for an interview.
  • Successful candidates must pass reference checks, driving and criminal background checks.
  • If hired, before camp starts you must have a current CPR and first-aid certification, complete online training, and complete on-site training in Santa Barbara, CA.

What Is It Like To Work For Empowered Wellness?

"My experience at camp has been such a rewarding journey both professionally and personally..."

As a behavioral coach, I learned how to put my academic knowledge into practice and work with a range of children from different backgrounds and with different needs. Even though kids came to camp with the same intention - lose weight - the interaction you have with each and everyone of them is so different. Each interaction was beautiful and rewarding at the same time, even when it was difficult.

There were definitely times when I was exhausted as the work demanded your attention and involvement most of the day. But seeing the light in the kids eyes when they accomplished some of their personal milestones was something that made me so grateful to be part of such an amazing experience and empowering adventure. I loved how involved the staff was to create a peaceful, compassionate, and fun atmosphere for the kids and other staff members.

Empowered Wellness felt like a big family/community in which kids and staff were there to learn, share, and explore together. I have created long lasting friendships with some of the staff members and I have learned a lot from the kids journey. Since I came back from camp, I found myself talking and reminiscing a lot about my experience and those of the kids. I honestly can't wait to return to share, grow, and explore more with the kids and the staff. It is a beautiful experience that I would definitely recommend to anyone who is interested and willing to bring a change to others and themselves." -Jessica N

Seasonal Positions

All positions are seasonal and residential

Clinical Director

The Clinical Director has responsibility for the clinical aspect of summer camp and the supervision of the Behavioral Coaches. The Clinical Director will also serve on the leadership team and support Camp Director with overall camp supervision.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Supervise Behavioral Coach meetings
  • Organize Behavioral Coach scheduling
  • Provide individual supervision to Behavioral Coaches on a weekly and as needed basis
  • Present initial Empowered Wellness presentation to campers during first day of camp
  • Create clinical schedule
  • Supervise note-taking of campers’ records
  • Carry small caseload and run groups if/when necessary
  • Present at Family Workshops & Family Camps
  • Provide proactive and reactive communication to parents regarding clinical issues including conduct.
  • Work with Nutrition Instructor to schedule/supervise restaurant outings
  • Supervise campers in the dorms, at meal times, around campus, during evening activities, and on off-campus field trips
  • This is a full-time live in position
  • Role model the Empowered Wellness program of healthy living while at camp

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Experience in administration in a residential or camp program
  • A demonstrated commitment to healthy living
  • A masters’ degree in psychology or social work, or PhD./PsyD.
  • Complete Behavioral Coach training prior to camp
  • Licensure optional but strongly preferred.
  • Excellent clinical, communication, supervisory and organizational skills.
Assistant Camp Director
Behavioral Coach
Nutrition/Culinary Coordinator
Nutrition/Culinary Instructors
Head Counselor
Camp Counselor
Program Coordinator
Fitness Coach
Fitness Coordinator
Camp Nurse
Assistant Nurse
Office Manager