Eight Principles of Empowered Wellness Camp

Our goal, every day, for every camper, is simple: health, happiness, and self-compassion — for life.

1. Science not gimmicks or fads:

Empowered Wellness Camp is a scientifically sound, evidence-based cognitive-behavioral weight loss and fitness program, not dieting and extreme exercise.

2. Biology & environment not lack of willpower:

Our mission is to translate the best available science into the know-how and life skills that empower campers to make confident health choices every day of their lives.

3. Thoughts, feelings, actions, behaviors not lack of motivation:

We structure the camp experience to help you train your brain to better handle biological, emotional and external factors, with realistic food and fitness strategies that still work after camp ends.

4. Care, kindness & respect not judgment & blame:

Every day at camp provides a judgment-free supportive environment specifically structured to help you learn and practice new strategies and habits.

5. Smart choices not diets & restrictions:

We believe campers should make their own food decisions, not focus on food restrictions. We provide lots of hands-on experience understanding and making these decisions so they build confidence and know-how. 

6. Active fun not boot camps;

The best weight loss camp activities for you are the ones you enjoy and that you’ll actually look forward to. We’ll help you make a realistic activity plan that you will LOVE at camp and when you’re back home.

7. Life skills not rigid rules:

Our system of levels rewards campers for consistently practicing new life skills and healthy habits in workshops, mini-classes, dining experiences and activities.

8. Empowerment not ultimatums:

Campers develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to make smart decisions that help them reach and stay at their healthiest, happiest weight long after camp is over.