Challenge Yourself: Take On A New Challenge

As the month of May approaches, summer is so close we can almost taste it! May is the perfect time to look back at goals set at the beginning of the year and evaluate where you are.

Have you had successes and failures along the way?

Now is the time to reset your mind to continue your journey. What better way to do this by taking on a new challenge?

To take on a new challenge, put yourself in the right mindset and practice the mindfulness skills learned at camp.

  • Deep Breathing – Practice inhaling and exhaling. Inhale accepting your new challenge and exhale any fears surrounding your start to the challenge.
  • Body Scan– Scan your body from your head to toe find areas of tension, tense those spots release the tension
  • Meditation– Take 5 minutes and sit silently, take this time to focus and recharge your mind

Once you have put yourself in the right mindset it is time to plan for this new challenge you are about to embark on.

Some questions to ask yourself:

  •  How do you feel about the challenge?
  • What are you hoping to gain?
  • Who are you doing this for?
  • Notice how your thoughts affect your feelings.

After you have answered these questions, acknowledge those feelings:

  • Do you have fears associated with this new challenge?
  • Are you excited to embark on this new path?

By acknowledging your thoughts, fears and joys you can assess your needs before you start.

Remember to always reach out for support when needed. It is important to recognize who you might need to help you along the way for your challenge.

  • Who will you tell your successes too?
  • Who will you call on when you are struggling?

Now it’s time to act! Take the first small steps towards the challenge you have set forth. Remember that this is a process and can be broken down into small accomplishments. Each step you take gets you closer to your end goal.

Taking on new challenges can be fun, scary, exciting, or even stressful.

This August I will be taking on a new challenge myself as I become a mom for the first time!

Now is the perfect time for me to take some time to put myself in the correct mindset. Here are what I am working on:

  • acknowledging my thoughts and feelings around becoming a new mom
  • creating a plan of action
  • building my support system
  • asking if I am ready to take these steps in my new journey.

I will be excited to share with you in August the arrival of our little girl and the journey of this new challenge.

What will be the challenge that you embark on? Remember we are always here to support you along your way!

Jess Revord