Camper Corner: A note from Sophie

Following the departure of camp in August of 2018, I was faced with a multitude of obstacles I hadn’t even thought of.

  • cooking for myself 100%
  • avoiding free food
  • avoiding my grandmother’s fatty recipes

I had difficulty transitioning and finding a happy medium where I didn’t offend anyone but also was doing what was right for me.

Beyond the hurdles, I had to overcome in terms of eating habits, finding time to exercise in the midst of college applications, I was having difficulty feeling like I was happy.

It wasn’t because I was restricting myself from any certain food or because I was being too critical. I just wasn’t doing the things that I was enjoying, and when I did, I didn’t feel the same satisfaction.

This took me back to the question: what actually makes me happy? What am I doing wrong?

After coming back from a trip to Denver this past February, I came to the realization that I was finally happy and content with my life.

Something shifted – I would like to believe that it was all about the mindset.

I felt like everything that went wrong in my life I could all of a sudden brush off.

My relationship with my mother became substantially better, I genuinely enjoyed going back to the gym, and I put more and more effort into meticulous meal prep.

Here’s the takeaway from all of this: while you cannot control other people, the only thing you can control is your own reaction.

You get to choose to be happy, you get to choose to make change in your own life.

If you are dissatisfied with something, it is up to you and only you to fix what’s wrong.

I am personally looking forward to maintaining a positive attitude and a growth mindset, something that I have held close ever since camp, and something that I will continue to learn and grow with for the foreseeable future.