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Camper Corner: A Note From Sarah

Hey all, it’s Sarah P.

I’m going to be real here… I have not always been the “best” post-Empowered Wellness model camper. I loved the program, I love the friends I have made, but I’ve also gained back some weight and will encounter bouts of negative self-talk that I attempt to get under control. Honestly, there are times I feel a bit lost.

I know I have the tools to succeed, but it’s a matter of actually using them.  I am sure many of you can relate!

On that note, I vow to trying again! And that’s the important part, right? To keep trying? I am going to cut back on junk food, start to ride my bike some more (my bike tire went flat and I’ve been procrastinating getting it pumped again), and try to get out more in general. I’d also like to do some more photography and work out more frequently.

I know this is cheesy, but if you need help, you need to reach out!  Whether it be to your parents, to staff at Empowered Wellness, or other campers (like myself), please do so! It makes things much easier when you get help.