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Camper Corner: A note from Josh

Wagwarn All (excuse my British). Well it’s been exactly 5 months since my plane landed back in Heathrow airport from sunny California. Talking to Chidi about how we were going to stick to our healthy lifestyles and not put on all the weight lost at camp. Well it’s been an exhilarating few months with plenty of ups and downs. Let me take you through it. 

The first few days 

As soon as I got back from camp I was instantly in the right mindset, eating healthy, gym every day and just choosing healthy options. With that I managed to lose an extra 5 pounds in the first two weeks.

School comes around and I am ready with my new gym clothes and my own snacks. Just ready for the new start. Don’t get me wrong those first few weeks things were looking up.

New chef cooking healthy clean foods, hitting the gym or running every day, even my peers were starting to notice the difference.

It was a whole new Josh. 

The change 

This would not last.

There had to be a change.

For me it came in the form of a food committee. Originally this was a great idea. Get my ideas and recipes through to the kitchen and turn my entire boarding house into a health zone.

Sadly, not everyone had the same thoughts towards this new food as me and all off a sudden the vibrant healthy dishes were going. Full English breakfasts were coming back, fried chicken for lunch, Burgers for dinner. As soon as it had started it had finished.

But my motivation hadn’t.

I was still determined not to lose out on all the weight I lost. Carried on in the gym, running, and core work!

But once again things had to change.

This time it was in the form of a winter timetable. This refers to there being sports in-between lessons. Essentially, I didn’t have as much time to do sport due to my full schedule. It got too cold to go on runs and the gym got too busy. The food kept on getting worse.

What was I going to do? 

Rise Up 

If you know me, I’m competitive. So how could I make myself keep this weight off.

Set a goal!

One night, I was lying in bed and suddenly I remembered all my sesh’s with the boys and BC Chris. All these dealing skills. So, at that exact moment, 1:00 in the morning phoning up mum and asking her to send all my notes from camp. Within two days of receiving the notes I’m back. Going to the gym more, not caring what people think of me in the gym.

Finally I started to stand up for myself instead of letting myself get beaten around by school mates. I told myself that I would get myself to the physical fitness to score 10 tries in rugby that season. 

Present day 

So here I am five months later. Having played my first Rugby game of the season as a Hooker (not what you think). This goal burning in my head. 10 weeks. 12 Games to get this goal. If there is one thing I learned from EW it’s that goals don’t have to do with weight. I know this goal will help me get in better shape, but for me it’s not about the result, it’s the journey that really matters.

In the end, what’s the point of doing something if you don’t enjoy it. 


Well in about another 4 months I will have the most stressful exams of my young life ahead of me. The make or break moment on whether I get into university. Stress is a problem, but now I have the resources to get rid of stress. Who knows what the future holds for any of us. So, if I come through with one message in this little IDEK (excuse my British) of mine, it’s trust the process. Yes, I know some basketball guy said that, but it is true.

Have faith in yourself and the rest is easy.  


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