Camper Corner: A Note From Gessica

Empowered Wellness has greatly impacted my life.

When I first arrived I was very unsure of how it was going to be. Over the course of the summer, I met so many inspiring people and also learned so many life skills.

Before going to Empowered Wellness, I was very close minded when it came to almost everything in life. I was stuck in a shell and never wanted to open up or try new things.

I also had a very closed mindset when it came to body image. For the longest time I told myself I had to look a certain way, or I wouldn’t be happy.

After my summer at camp, I realized that is not the truth.

There is so much more to people than how big or small their thighs, stomach, etc. are.

This program allowed me to find beauty in so many other aspects of myself and others. Overall, I have been a much happier and positive person because of this camp.

When I returned home from camp, I brought many things with me.

First, I log my food every day. This allows me to make sure I am eating enough, but not too much. Writing my food down allows me to gain insight on what I am putting into my body.

Second, I am constantly practicing mindfulness. I practice mindfulness when it comes to eating, my attitude, activities, etc. Being mindful while eating allows me to fully understand my hunger cues and also enjoy what I’m eating.

Additionally, being mindful has allowed me to change my attitude.

When I am down or upset, I ask myself if I like feeling this way and if this feeling is serving me. If not, I push that negative feeling away and change it to a more positive one.

Lastly, I have changed my exercise routine. Empowered Wellness has taught me that there are many ways to exercise besides just running. I have learned to listen to my body and do what feels right. Everyday I try to do something different like going to spin class, running with friends, lifting weights, and hiking.

Changing my exercise routine has allowed me to find new activities to love and also to not get bored.

Being in Santa Barbara with perfect weather, the mountains, the ocean, and no access to unhealthy foods was very different than my home life. The hardest part of returning home from camp was facing reality.

Being at Empowered Wellness was like a vacation with lots of exercise!

There was no stress and no pressure that comes with being around family and school work. Coming home was difficult because I am an emotional eater.

So, I wanted to reward myself for doing so well over the summer, but then that reward became a daily occurrence. School started, which came with College Applications, so I was very stressed.

I am making the daily effort to motivate myself, eat healthy foods that I enjoy, do some form of exercise every day, and always staying positive.

My current status on the path of being a lifelong weight controller is finding a healthy weight for me and also finding motivation to get to that healthy weight.

My weight has been fluctuating for the past 2 years from underweight to overweight. I have progressed in many aspects of the mindset portion of weight loss, and now I am putting it all into action and working on being consistent with my actions.

This summer I am excited to return to Empowered Wellness as a Mentor. Being a mentor will help me reach my personal goals, by showcasing what I have learned over the past year, and put my tools into action by helping others.

I feel I work best when helping others.