Camper Corner: A Note From Beverly

Beverly Bolen

Hey! What’s up EW Fam!

It’s Beverly and I’m here today to talk about my transition from camp to home.

At home, before camp, I had always been insecure about my weight and never wanted to talk about it. But while at camp, I learned some awesome ways to help with a lot of that. Since camp, I have signed up for a gym and lost 10 pounds! I go to the gym 3-4 times a week and it’s become a habit! I made the club volleyball team and am playing an awesome position that I love.

My first week back I made really healthy choices, like picking salads and fruits and veggies, and got the mindset of changing my health and having a body I loved. A few weeks later, I got caught up in the stress of school and grades and friends and family and forgot everything. I felt like I couldn’t get back on my feet. But with a little help from my parents and some friends, I was able to come back from it and start over on making my life happier and healthier.

I made the volleyball team just a couple weeks later. I had prepared hard for tryouts and it all payed off. Coming back from camp was hard at first because, I missed everyone so much, and I was going to have to make my own choices and I was scared I wasn’t going to be able to connect what I learned at camp and put in into action, but luckily I learned at camp how to do that.

I learned valuable things about my health that will last a long time and will carry with me forever. I got into habits that will make me a healthier person. But onto the missing friends part. Luckily, most of the people I was closest with, I got their numbers or Snapchats or whatever and have kept close contact, but as school gets harder, long distance friendships also get harder.

Sometimes, I just like to think about all the laughs and memories and inside jokes I had. Camp was such an awesome time. Just thinking about everything makes me smile. I would say that my transition from camp to home was pretty good. I had a few rough patches here and there but I’m lucky to have supportive parents and friends who love me.

I miss everyone so much and hope I see you all soon!