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Are You Loving Yourself Back?

At Empowered Wellness Camps, with our young adults and teens, we use dealing skills to help promote a positive belief that they are truly loved.  Our campers leave camp believing they fully love themselves and can be love by others.

This February we are looking at LOVE:  loving ourselves, our food loving us back, and loving our bodies.

What does self-love look like?

Many questions come to mind when understanding Self-Love and Inner Happiness.  What does love yourself mean?  How do you know when you are truly able to achieve self-love and inner happiness?

Love can have many different meanings and self-love can look different to each person. A variety of thoughts and actions can also contribute to each unique individual’s goal of inner happiness.

So, how does one start on their own personal journey to self-love? 

Step 1: Believe you are loved.

A great place to start is acceptance and belief that you can be loved.

That love starts and comes from no one other than yourself! It is so valuable to have positive thoughts and beliefs that you are capable of loving yourself and open to love and joy from others.

By surrounding your inner self with these beliefs of worth, strength, and compassion, you are setting your mindset in the direction of love. 

Step 2: Create a personal mantra.

Now you might be thinking, what is a more tangible way to start this process?  One way is to utilize a dealing skill we teach at camp.

Let’s use creating your personal mantra! 

This can be a quote, statement, song lyrics, inspiration, or something personal that shows self-love. For example, your mantra could be “You can do it!” or “Remember you are so loved”.

Acting as your own personal cheerleader is helpful in times when you are looking for self-love growth.

Put your personal mantra somewhere you can see everyday to remind yourself constantly of what you believe about yourself.

Step 3:  Do the things you love.

Another way to build your inner happiness is by doing actions that you LOVE and make you HAPPY!

This will look different to each person, but can include some of the following:

  • meditation
  • exercise
  • eating healthy, Is your food loving you back?
  • personal pampering
  • going to a play or show
  • volunteering
  • writing or singing
  • doing something nice for others
  • taking time for yourself
  • and the list goes on. 

Step 4: Keep going.

When do you know you have achieved self-love and inner happiness?

Your love for yourself will penetrate deep into your life and will affect your thoughts, your actions, and your overall feelings of the world around you.  Keep going and know that self-love is a continuous process and that takes intentionality and purpose.

You can start your quest of self-love by accepting and believing that “You can do it and you are so loved”. 

Jess Revord Dorgan, MA, LPC, NCC