Camp Activities


Good things happen when you're physically active!

Natural "feel good" hormones flood the brain.

That's why nearly everyone feels better after they get up and move.

Plus, physical activity signals your body to restore and rebuild for the next day.

Did you know your body's cells are constantly replaced with fresh, new ones? Movement helps make that happen! And of course, it helps turn food you eat into energy you can actually use.

The most important step is the first step.

When it comes to physical activity, everyone everywhere starts out at the same level. Even people who are active every day had to take that first step.

Then, as you do more, your body adapts and wants to do even more.

Say you can comfortably walk for five minutes right now.

If you keep it up, one day after another, your body naturally responds. It gradually becomes stronger, more flexible, and faster as your heart and circulatory system get stronger. Before long, a ten-minute walk is comfortable. Then fifteen. And so on.

And all this happens naturally! No need to exercise to exhaustion or wake up barely able to move the next day. It's just another amazing capability your body has.

The perfect activity plan -- for YOU.

Jogging not your thing? Do you secretly call treadmills "dreadmills"? The best weight loss camp activities for you are the ones you enjoy and that you'll actually look forward to.

Why force yourself to do something boring that you dislike? Why limit yourself to doing just one thing when there are so many possibilities?

Camp's a great place to experiment!

We have certified personal trainers (not drill sergeants!) to help everyone, and we promise to help you feel comfortable every step of the way.


We'll help you make a realistic activity plan that you will LOVE back home.