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1, 2, 4 and 6-week summer weight loss camps for kids, teens & young adults

Science not gimmicks or fads

Confident choices not restrictive diets

Active fun not extreme exercise

Life skills not rigid rules

Empowerment not ultimatums

Results not frustration

Brain-powered fitness, nutrition & weight loss camps for ages 11 - 26.


Foundational life skills that defeat the toughest barriers to success


12 months of on-call professional wraparound support


Structured activities turn new skills into instinctive habits


Realistic food and fitness strategies that still work after camp ends


Unforgettable fun, friends & memories!

“Eliza Kingsford is hands-down the most genuine, caring, honest educator I have ever met. Her words spoke truth to my core.”
~ Kelli, mom of 14 year-old daughter.

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Kelli G., mom of 14-year old daughter Sophie

It was the most amazing, life changing experience she has ever had. I feel incredibly grateful for the privilege of being able to give her this opportunity- all the counselors and kids who have supported and encouraged her the last 30 days were AMAZING! She begged to stay 2 more weeks, which was a surprise because she didn't even want to go for ONE...I can't tell you what it felt like to see a child who the world has beat up, torn down, and confused the heck out of her about what she is actually supposed to eat - finally be FREE. Though she did have a dramatic loss of weight, I would pay all I could afford for the SMILE she gave me when I picked her up from camp.


Tanya S. E., mom of teenage boy

An amazing experience for my son and a new start for our whole family! The Empowered Wellness team is obviously passionate about the wonderful work they are doing. Such a positive atmosphere and a refreshing approach to wellness. Thank you!!


Lori M, mom of teenage daughter

Empowered Wellness is an amazing camp designed to boost self esteem, help with eating properly and promote healthy exercise and how to be healthy for life. My daughter made many friends and she gained memories she will have for life. She lost weight, and is proud of herself. The counselors were amazing!


Nancy R., mom of 12 year-old daughter

Our 12 year old was one of the youngest this summer, but she is turning into one of the strongest - in mind, body and spirit. We brought her for a two week trial and she has chosen to stay for a seven week immersive experience. Highly recommend this program!


Dee, mom of 20-year old daughter

I am so thankful for your program, it saved my daughters life.  Her depression, low self esteem and poor decision making had me extremely concerned. Now, I catch her educating her brother and friends on how to eat and it so amazing.  I didn't know where to turn to help her. With your camp she finally has the skills to be in control of her body....and mind. I'm trying very hard to send her again next year and received the email on discounts for early booking. Again, thank you.  I absolutely loved coming out there for the weekend.  The kids really do support one another. 


Mom of Summer 2018 teenage weight loss camper

Thank you. She is doing great. Her mood is stabilized as well, which is wonderful.


Mom of Alyssa

Alyssa is continuing to eat very well and is joining a cross-country team! Has been truly transformative...wish she could get all of us on the program!


Camper Sarah P.

Camp has given me the tools to help me maintain weight and maintain a positive attitude towards life!

Located in beautiful Santa Barbara, CA

1-Week Camp

One Session Only

Starts August 4

2-Week Camp

Session 1: Starts June 23

Session 2: Starts July 7

Session 3: Starts July 21

4-Week Camp

Session 1: Starts June 23

Session 2: Starts July 7

6-Week Camp

One Session Only

Starts June 23

Please register early to avoid disappointment.
Enrollment strictly capped by gender and by age group.

Located beachside in Santa Barbara, California

Gorgeous secure residential campus in Southern California - "America's Riviera"

Direct flights to LAX/SBA from the US and around the world

Easy car, bus, train & air access from Orange County, Silicon Valley, Bay Area